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LAURA VAN HAL LINKS Instagram Facebook Soundcloud Beatport Spotify Resident advisor Press BIOGRAPHY Dutch DJ/Producer Laura van Hal is a fast-growing name in the European techno community. Her sets are inspired by the many different dance floors she’s danced on over the years. With her intricate music selection she provides strong, trippy and groovy DJsets […]


JULIANA X LINKS Instagram Soundcloud Facebook Tiktok Press BIOGRAPHY Juliana X may well be the best-kept house secret in the Netherlands. The vibrant Brazilian grew up in Friesland and relocated to Rotterdam three years ago to give her DJ career a serious boost. She is renowned for her energetic sets infused with the historical influences […]


DI CHIARA BROTHERS LINKS Instagram Facebook Soundcloud Beatport Spotify Resident advisor Press BIOGRAPHY Michele and Davide, also known as Di Chiara Brothers, grew out of an intense and early passion for house music from their early teens.They started working very early on their productions, landing on the record scene only when their product was mature […]


DXNBY LINKS Instagram Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Beatport Spotify Press BIOGRAPHY DXNBY is a name synonymous with high octane, full flavour House and Garage. Earning his stripes through forward thinking production, DXNBY is now piecing together a wide array of music from minimal house, 2-Step, speed garage and every so often, releasing one of his coveted […]


TONNO DISKO LINKS Instagram Facebook Soundcloud Press BIOGRAPHY The DJ formerly known as Kremlin Disko, but then Putin went fully dickmode. Known for his energetic and versatile DJ sets that include disco, funk, old school hiphop, house and breakbeats. With his big -pun intended- personality and his open character he makes an impression you won’t […]


ALICE DEREN LINKS Soundcloud Instagram Press BIOGRAPHY Alice Deren was born with the love and feel for music. She attended a musical school specialized in piano and vocals at young age. Later on she finished an education in Electronic Music Community. She continued developing her skills and started her DJ carreer in 2020 when she […]


CESSY LINKS Instagram Facebook Soundcloud Beatport Spotify Press BIOGRAPHY Conductor of pure rhythms, Cessy aka Francesco Bakirtsis is synonymous with grooves. With precision, he has finely tuned his own unique sound which has led to European tastemakers ANOTR & Archie Hamilton sign multiple releases on their highly renowned labels. Cessy’s funky flavour and technical prowess […]


MAQOSSA LINKS Instagram Facebook Soundcloud Beatport Spotify Press BIOGRAPHY Honouring the house that Jack built: Maqossa is here to make you move your body. His vibe: Dutch with a touch, a grooving & thumping sound that guarantees to get you moving – on and off the dance floor. Mixing classic house with that funky rhythm,his […]


OKAIN LINKS Instagram Facebook Soundcloud Beatport Spotify Press BIOGRAPHY Okain is part of a wave of artists that began spinning records and producing music two decades ago in Paris, shaping the bubbling French electronic music scene we know today. At the age of 17, he landed his first residen- cy in Bastille‘s Sanz Sans, playing […]