Berlin’s Thabo is not a new name in the city’s underground. After having built his reputation as a promoter, seasoned DJ, and prolific producer, Thabo reinvented himself as an artist. The Berliner, real name Nils Caspar Thabo Gelfort, changed his moniker to Thabo in pursuit of artistic authenticity.

Thabo’s authenticity is present across his house-oriented productions and DJ sets, which are often soulful, yet energetic. It is also apparent on his label, Home Again, which was launched in 2020 as a natural progression born from the beloved underground party of the same name. Just like the party series, which is aimed at creating the perfect house party, the imprint embodies Thabo’s vision of running a record label. Although Home Again is Thabo’s brainchild, the Berliner has teamed up with like-minded individuals to make sure that everything from artist and repertoire, creative design, events, to capsule collections is in line with the imprint’s ethos.

With several stellar releases and a roster featuring artists like Sandilé, Szafran, Thalo Santana, Subjoi, Leo Pol, Kolter and Malin Genie, and Thabo, the imprint has quickly gained momentum, grabbing the attention of house heads in Berlin and beyond. With a growing touring schedule, a residency with Planet Pleasure at Revier Südost and a number of releases in the pipeline, Thabo will continue making crowds dance with his uplifting house sounds for years to come.