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Kreutziger is emerging from the richly blended soil of Amsterdam’s house music culture. With sold out and closing gigs at the city’s best clubs and releases on respected labels, the enigmatic duo is pushing their distinguished collection of raw underground cuts and minimalistic grooves forward onto various dancefloors across Europe and South-America.

With various gigs at all the Amsterdam’s main clubs and venues like Bret, Shelter, The Loft, Thuishaven, De Marktkantine and a residency at Groove Control, this has made them a sort after act with a full tour schedule.

Their ability to combine technical mixing and a versatile selection carries the quality to create movement upon any crowd. This in combination with a loyal fanbase, is why Kreutziger is popular among promotors. Their releases on Madtech, Hatch, Habits and Ladeep secured them an international following in Europe, the UK, the USA, South-America and Australia. Additionally, Last year they have been touring through South-America (Brazil and Argentina).

Kreutziger spends a lot of time in their own studio. With a strict production schedule a number of releases are planned for the course of this year. Releases are expected on renowned labels such as Avotre, Inermu, HedZup, Ewax and PIV, to name a few.