Juliana X may well be the best-kept house secret in the Netherlands. The vibrant Brazilian grew up in Friesland and relocated to Rotterdam three years ago to give her DJ career a serious boost.

She is renowned for her energetic sets infused with the historical influences of Chicago house, almost spun at the beat of Detroit Techno. When she was younger, she was surrounded by eurodance and gabber, so it comes as no surprise that the acid influence flows throughout her exhilarating techno sets. Also unmissable are the soulful diva acappellas and ghetto vocals that she effortlessly blends into her sets, influenced by her strong connection to hip-hop. Hip-hop is authentic, just like herself. Both hip-hop and house stand for statements and a movement, and that's precisely what Juliana accomplishes in her work: sharing stories with the audience.

Juliana is house, a celebration of diversity and unity. She is committed to supporting and empowering marginalized groups in the dance scene, including people of color, LGBTQIA+ individuals and women, through her DJ sets and projects. An example of this is the club concept Zuperstition, of which she is co-organizer.

She has already performed at the most prominent venues in the Netherlands, including Radion, Toffler, Melkweg, Paradiso, Club Basis and Now&Wow. But her musical journey extends beyond clubs; she has also left her mark on a wide range of festivals such as Welcome To The Village, Ploegendienst, Solar, Milkshake Festival, Zwarte Cross and more.

With a global mission to share her passion for house and pay homage to pioneers of house and techno, Juliana creates a fusion of nostalgic feel-good sets in a contemporary style.