Known for his distinct music productions, Job de Jong brings a unique and recognizable sound to the house music scene. From an early age, his unwavering passion for music was ignited by the mesmerizing beats of house and disco, ultimately setting him on a path to forge a career in electronic music.

After kicking off his career in 2019 he soon marked his identity across different events and labels across Europe. Honing his DJ skills at venues like Thuishaven Amsterdam, Club Atelier, Cova Santa and Complex Maastricht to name a few. While further developing his producer skills in the studio and at the Herman Brood Academy, Job de Jong’s discography extended amongst PIV Records, Talman Records, Locustraxx, Hardline and other esteemed imprints. Boasting multiple Beatport top ten releases, Job's productions radiate an air of promise and potential.

His sound is an enchanting fusion of nostalgic 90's house elements intertwined with robust basslines, crisp percussion, and raw drum loops. Job's dancefloor-oriented style draws inspiration from esteemed producers like Kerri Chandler, Green Cloud, and Todd Terry, adding further depth and allure to his musical creations.

Fuelled by a meticulous personality and an unyielding drive for perfection, Job de Jong relentlessly carves his unique path, continually evolving as a DJ and producer. His unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of his craft ensures that the world can eagerly anticipate even more extraordinary musical offerings from him.