Demuja, the Austrian powerhouse DJ and producer, has carved a unique path in the electronic music scene, leaving a significant mark on contemporary sounds. His versatile journey began not with turntables, but with a decade of honing his rhythmic skills on the drums. Growing up in Salzburg, Mozart's hometown, this early exposure to rhythm heavily influenced his style, which seamlessly blends raw energy with soulful melodies.

Demuja's relentless hustle kicked off in 2007. He honed his DJ skills in European clubs, eventually securing a surprise gig at the prestigious "Talk is Cheap" Jam afterparty in Oslo. This fortuitous event opened doors across Europe, leading him to renowned cities like Paris and Berlin. With his confidence soaring, Demuja transitioned into production in 2009,drawing inspiration from the likes of Kerry Chandler, Motor City Drum Ensemble, and Bicep.

His productions quickly found homes on respected labels like Nervous Records, Shall Not Fade, and Freerange. A defining moment arrived in 2016 with the launch of his own imprint, MUJA. This platform became a breeding ground for his signature sound–a captivating fusion of disco, house, and techno, brimming with raw emotion and soul.

Demuja's dedication translates into impressive figures. His music boasts over 40 million streams across platforms, and his relentless touring schedule has seen him captivating audiences in 38 countries. The past few years have been particularly fruitful. In 2020, his critically acclaimed LP "Atlantic Avenue" garnered widespread praise, with The Black Madonna offering her support. Notably, the album showcased Demuja's ability to push boundaries while staying true to his roots